Here is a summary of AMAROLI (URINE THERAPY):
By Tal and Johanne SCHALLER

Urine, in application on the skin, as a drink, subcutaneous injection or homeopathic remedy (isopathy) is one of the oldest therapeutic methods in the world to cure diseases and develop immunity and individual health.
Amaroli (the Indian name for urine therapy) is known from the ancestral medicines of China, Tibet, India, North and South America, Europe (Celtic tradition), Polynesia, Siberia, the countries of the Amazon basin, etc.
Hundreds of scientific studies were devoted to this therapy until the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry after the Second World War blocked all research on a therapy that has the great defect, for the merchants, of being completely free! There are no studies in all the world’s medical literature showing that this urine therapy could present the slightest danger, unlike chemical drugs whose side effects are numerous and often dangerous.
There are many ways to use urine: on the skin, on the hair, drops in the eyes or ears, bowel enemas, douches, wet compresses, gargle or medicinal drink. Fresh urine is used and, except in a few rare cases, you always take your own « elixir of life ».
If you drink your urine, start with small amounts (e.g. half a glass a day) and gradually increase the dose. Amaroli, like all energetic and natural medicines, has a great cleansing power and one wants to avoid triggering too intense detoxification crises.
To move towards healing, amaroli must be accompanied by a holistic lifestyle, which takes care of the well-being of the four bodies of the human being:
-The physical body: regular exercise, rest, massage, a vegetable, living and varied diet. Super foods such as sprouted seeds, algae, pollen, etc. Fasting, intestinal enemas, health techniques and alternative medicine.
-The emotional body: take « childhood moments » to let off steam with natural gestures, crying, crying, laughing, dancing and singing, out of sight of adults, as grandchildren do so well!
-The mental body: positive thinking, creative visualization, inner journeys, psychotherapies that allow healing of past psychic traumas, with the idea that « it is never too late to have a happy childhood! »
-The spiritual body: yoga, meditation, prayer and techniques to connect with the joy and wisdom of the worlds of light, listening to the inner voice (intuition). It connects us to this body that never leaves the divine light and constantly guides us towards happiness and fullness.
With amaroli, you become your own doctor: the smell and taste of your urine allows you to make a precise diagnosis of your state of health and you immediately have the perfect remedy to detoxify and regenerate yourself. Amaroli is an alchemy that transforms lead into gold and provides those who know it with all the medicines they used to buy in pharmacies, with the difference that all the substances contained in the urine are alive and perfectly dosed by the body itself. Therapeutically, they are therefore far superior to all man-made chemicals. The fundamental question we must ask ourselves is: « Is it better to trust the wisdom of our own body, created millions of years ago by Mother Nature, with an intelligence that exceeds the limits of our imagination, or should we blindly obey modern science, which has only a century of existence and which is led by sorcerer’s apprentices who are still very little conscious?  In order to cure oneself, is it better to absorb chemical medicines prepared by multinationals or living substances manufactured by the bodies themselves? « There is no disease that has not been cured at least once by a holistic lifestyle that includes taking amaroli.  Everything can be cured when you stop polluting your body and psyche to create new, positive and natural life.
Amaroli is also a revolution, that of « inner ecology », which affects millions of people around the world and brings health to Third World countries. For all countries that cannot acquire chemical drugs because of their high cost, Amaroli is a real blessing, a wonderful way to manage one’s health without becoming dependent on outside help. For rich countries, dramatically intoxicated by the industrial way of life, amaroli represents a royal road to regaining health. In Federal Germany, more than ten million people know and practice amaroli and the awareness that our health depends on us and not on the multinational pharmaceutical companies can only grow worldwide.

How can the exceptional therapeutic effects of amaroli be explained? We can try to explain them in various complementary ways:
-Living substances that the urine contains (enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, vitamins, antibodies, antibiotics and other natural medicines).
-A process of self-vaccination and biological transmutations.
-Cleansing and regenerating effects of urinary mineral salts.
-Vital energy and biological information contained in amaroli.
Urine, contrary to what many people believe, is not toxic waste but filtered blood. It is the most extraordinary medicine there is.
In fact, the secret of this method lies in the WISDOM OF THE BODY: the body only takes in the urine that passes through the digestive tract what it needs, the rest is evacuated with the stool. The human body is capable of making biological transmutations, such as transforming sodium into magnesium and so on. What our scientists do with difficulty in nuclear power plants, our body does smoothly in the privacy of our cells. We can admire the « progress of science » but as Edison said: « Until scientists can make a blade of grass, Nature can only laugh at our scientific knowledge. So for the time being, it’s better to trust nature than scientists! »
This is the power of Amaroli: to act with the body by respecting the « Primum non nocere » of Hippocrates (First do no harm) instead of abusing chemical drugs, which all have one thing in common, that of lowering general immunity! One could even say that one of the great tragedies of our time is to have let out of hospitals chemical drugs which can save lives in acute cases but which, in chronic illnesses, only aggravate the intoxication of patients!
The main characteristic of those who criticize and reject amaroli is that they have not made a personal trial of this method! They are satisfied with emotional reactions without studying the subject thoroughly. In fact, any therapist should have practiced amaroli on himself before advising his patients because, in this field, nothing can replace personal experience!
The main French books on the subject are Testez l’urinothérapie by CT Schaller and J. Razanamahay, published by Marco Pietteur, Urinothérapie (paperback) by Lanore and L’Élixir de Vie by Coen Van der Kroone, published by Jouvence.
Here are a few more testimonials of the benefits of amaroli:

(Many other testimonials of healing can be found in Testez l’urinothérapie )

From a newsletter of Liège priests on mission (Peru) :
« For one year we took in a 50-year-old disabled man suffering from prostate cancer. After several weakening chemotherapies we didn’t dare to do one more. He received 20 sessions of radiotherapy to locate the tumour and then resumed chemo…The patient did not accept and followed the urinotherapy. Two months later, at the check-up, the cancer disappeared and he was in great shape. He came home happy and so did we. Another check-up in 6 months. »
From a woman doctor: « I have been practicing for four months and I am very enthusiastic. The first time it was difficult: all my education made swallowing difficult! And little by little perceptions changed. Through this gesture, I learned to love myself more and better. My spending on clothes has dropped and now I don’t get up in the morning or go to bed at night without drinking the precious philter and I take real pleasure in lotioning my face and body. People around me are surprised to find me looking younger. I have spoken to some patients about it and I was surprised to see that many of them already knew about this method. I’ve seen with her wounds heal very quickly, warts disappear, migraines disappear. »
From a South American doctor: « The results I get with urinotherapy are extraordinary. First of all on myself: I lost 10 kilos in excess in three weeks by practicing amaroli with a low-calorie diet! My intellectual faculties have greatly improved and I have started to talk to my patients about it. I am always amazed at the effectiveness of amaroli in a wide variety of conditions. How could I have ignored this wonderful therapy for so long? »
From Harald Tietze, an Australian who attended the three World Congresses on Urine Therapy: « On the cover page of my book on urine therapy, I had written: « Don’t read this book if you feel well, if you’re thin, if you have beautiful skin, if you don’t suffer from allergies, depression, asthma, psoriasis and if you’re not afraid of being bitten one day by a poisonous snake! » I didn’t think when I wrote that eye-catching sentence that I would ever experience any of the problems on that list! On October 26, 1998, while researching wild plants for a book I was writing about, I was bitten in the leg by a poisonous snake. The wound was bleeding and the nearest hospital was more than an hour’s walk away. It was the moment or never to remember the sentence written on my book and to use the miracle fluid! I did so and then went to the hospital to do some tests which showed only a minimal reaction to the poison, much to the surprise of the doctors. I left the hospital without « modern » treatment, happy to go out on my own two feet rather than in a coffin! »
From Togo (Africa): « I’m a small naturo-therapist researcher. I have always asked in my meditations and relaxation exercises to be able to be put in contact with means of health that are true and natural. The book « AMAROLI » that I have been able to read is a light sent into the darkness to chase away the voluntary and artificial darkness created to put humanity to sleep. Thanks to AMAROLI I have strengthened my conviction in the treatment of my patients. At present, I have set up a Club that deals with urine treatments. It is called « CLUB U-T » (Urine Therapy Club) and is composed of people with chronic diseases. The experiences are amazing and the members are enthusiastic about them and, as their health improves, other people don’t hesitate to approach us. »
From a young Frenchman: « I have been HIV positive for five years and asymptomatic until a year ago. Indeed, my treating teacher considered it urgent to put me on tri-therapy because my viral load results were over 750,000 and my T4s had dropped to 286. I nevertheless decided to give myself a chance of recovery by milder means. One of my friends convinced me that by following the « Amaroli » therapy I had a chance of improvement. So I read both books with great interest and put the method into practice. I felt a rather phenomenal transformation both in the physical and moral sense. At the same time, I discovered the products of Doctor Eric Le Ribaut, the G5 in particular. The combination of these two methods, together with a healthy diet without animal meat, means that my laboratory results have already improved considerably ».
On the website of the Chinese Urine Therapy Association (Taiwan), one can read the following statement about cosmetics: « Seeking beauty is part of human nature. Regardless of her age, every woman wants to be beautiful. Why use cosmetics that are toxic to the skin when nature offers a wonderful elixir? More and more Japanese women are using their own urine to stay young and attractive. If you are not convinced, ladies, ask around and you will discover the extraordinary results of urine therapy. Like Princess Lady Yang, who was the favorite of Emperor Tang Ming Huang, you’ll remain ravishing and charming even in old age! » This association also gives detailed results of treatments of cancer patients with urine extracts.( web:
From an inhabitant of the Republic of Benin (Africa): « Amaroli is really extraordinary. It’s a door that opens, leading to taking care of oneself, admiration for the wisdom of one’s own body, the joy of regaining one’s lost health. I had been suffering for many years from rheumatism and insulin-dependent diabetes. Before starting Amaroli, I ate raw vegetables and fresh fruit for three weeks to prepare myself. When I then drank my urine, it tasted delicious, really fragrant. I felt like I had found the alchemists’ secret, the elixir of youth, the sacred drink. After only a few days of taking Amaroli at a dose of three glasses of the elixir of youth, I was able to feel that I had found the secret of the alchemists, the elixir of youth, the sacred drink.
NB In the book Test urinotherapy you will find reports of the first two world congresses that took place in Goa, India and Gersfeld (Federal Germany) in which Johanne and Tal participated and which brought together hundreds of people interested in the subject, sick people who were healed, Doctors and scientists who have studied the subject in detail, historians who have looked at how the ancients treated themselves…in a word, a sum of knowledge of great value on this subject still unknown to the general public in most Western countries, with the exception of the Federal Republic of Germany!

To conclude, here are some echoes of the Third World Congress in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, which took place from April 28 to May 4, 2003:

A group of about ten French-speaking people led by Dr. Christian Tal Schaller and his wife Johanne Razanamahay went to this congress which gathered more than six hundred people from more than forty countries. An excellent organization allowed quality exchanges in a warm atmosphere. In addition to the testimonies of many people who have been cured thanks to urinotherapy, researchers came to show the fruit of their studies and health teachers shared with the public their efforts to free people from the disease. In many South American countries, for example, teams travel to villages to explain to people that they do not need doctors and pharmacists to live healthy lives. With a few principles of a varied and lively vegetarian diet, a few daily gymnastic exercises, the use of local plants and the practice of amaroli, they can perfectly manage their health themselves. This is indeed a revolution, that of independence. Instead of constantly waiting for outside help, local communities are learning to manage themselves with natural resources that cost nothing. In this way, they are achieving an autonomy that protects them from the madness of medical globalization, which, in the name of science, poisons the peoples of the Earth for the sole benefit of the multinational chemical and vaccine companies.
In many areas of public health, amaroli provides valuable services. An Argentinean doctor has shown that pregnancies of women taking amaroli every day are uncomplicated and that childbirths are facilitated. The growth of children who are given a little amaroli by their parents goes smoothly. Childhood illnesses are mild and of short duration. For the elderly, amaroli can be the springboard to a new youth, the understanding that it is not normal to grow old and become increasingly ill. On the contrary, with amaroli and a healthy lifestyle, the elderly can become younger and enjoy unfailing vitality. Many people have given shocking testimonies of how, thanks to amaroli, they have been able to emerge from the ills of old age and become active, dynamic and useful members of society again. When we think of all those elderly people who lead a dull and joyless life in homes and asylums, convinced that their ills are incurable, up to their necks in the role of victims of life, believing that they are forced to swallow several times a day chemical drugs that slowly poison them, we would like the example of « old people who have become young again » to be shown to all!
In Brazil, under the dynamic impetus of enthusiastic doctors, therapists and health educators, knowledge of amaroli is spreading like wildfire. Among the many lectures at the congress was one by Dr. Florence Thiriez of Paris, who showed the value of associating the use of clay, a free and remarkably effective medicine, with the practice of amaroli. For poor countries, clay and amaroli can be formidable means of independence to heal themselves naturally and free of charge. African doctors demonstrated the use of camel urine in therapy, Sonia Rodrigues presented the success of amaroli user groups in Mexico, Dr. Fatima Pimenta, one of the organizers of the congress, explained how amaroli had completely changed her view of medicine and had given her such vitality that she could now regularly indulge in capoeira, an acrobatic dance specific to Brazil that requires exceptional physical fitness, Dr. Carmen Ramirez from Cuba thrilled the audience with her research and therapeutic results, Dr. Rovere from Italy launched the idea of creating an international website on urinotherapy and Professor Kang Kook Hee from South Korea showed how more than a million people in his country have adopted amaroli!
Dr. Christian Tal Schaller said in his lecture: « In order for people in poor countries to be able to follow a development model other than that of rich countries, a few things are important:
1.    A varied and lively vegetable diet that replaces animal-based foods with highly nutritious foods such as sprouted seeds and young shoots.
2.    The knowledge of amaroli and natural means of health to help the body heal itself from all diseases.
3.    The knowledge of fasting, which is of immense value, especially for the healing of serious illnesses.
4.    Emotional education as we describe it in « Release your sweet madness » to free yourself from violence and relational conflicts.
5.    The respect of shamanic traditions that ensure the opening of the right brain and communication with the spiritual worlds.
6.    The teaching of the holistic concept that makes possible the cooperation of the various schools of thought that work for the well-being and harmony among all living beings. In my book « Craftsmen of their Miracle », I showed the extraordinary effectiveness of a holistic approach in the healing of serious diseases. It is unfortunate that so many people believe they are condemned to powerlessness and suffering when they could, through holistic means, advance on the path of healing. »
For her part, Johanne Razanamahay said in her lecture: « In the field of spiritual growth, I consider amaroli to be one of the most powerful techniques available to free ourselves from the negative fear patterns and conditioning we have received with our education. Amaroli takes us to the heart of spirituality, which is love in action. Not just love of others but love of all the characters within us! By detoxifying our physical, emotional and mental bodies, we receive more and more guidance from our spiritual body. We are then led towards the encounter with our light guides and the angelic worlds that I described in « Death is never an accident ». We regain our unity with the divine and life ceases to be a series of conflicts and sufferings to blossom in joy and creativity. Amaroli is a door that opens before us to regain the lost paradise of clear consciousness and unconditional love. »
After the congress, the group of French-speaking people went to Figueira, in the Mina Gerais, to visit the extraordinary spiritual center created by Trigueirinho, one of the great thinkers of our time, author of more than sixty books with more than one million copies in Portuguese and Spanish. Trigueirinho has passed on a lot of information on self-knowledge, prayer, spiritual transformation, healing, ways of collaborating with the celestial spiritual hierarchies and the intraterrestrial energy centres that support humanity in its evolutionary process towards a consciousness freed from the limitations of materialism and fear.
Surrounded by more than 120 permanent employees, Trigueirinho welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world in buildings located in the midst of flourishing plantations, all organically cultivated. Tobacco, alcohol, consumption of meat and dairy products, radio, television and photography are forbidden in Figueira. The mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms are respected and all natural means of therapy are used in an atmosphere dedicated to the sowing of a new state of consciousness that will emerge in humanity in times to come.
In this centre, which is a true school of the future, one feels the presence of the Essenes of the past whose teachings on natural health are applied in a marvellous way. The meals, prepared with organic food, are composed exclusively of raw and cooked vegetables and are eaten in silence, in gratitude for the gifts that the Earth Mother gives to her children, the care given to the sick is all natural: plants and flower elixirs, hydrotherapy, sound therapy and spiritual healing techniques. In a green setting, a small lake has, at one end, a place to make mud baths with clay. This is truly the atmosphere recommended by the Essene Gospel: to let yourself be healed by the angels of the air, water, earth and sun! And, of course, urine therapy is part of this centre’s pharmacopoeia.
All therapeutic activities are directed by Doctor Clément, a holistic doctor who has written many books and in whom an immense medical culture has not killed the spirit of childhood and openness to others. As a true alchemist, Clément prepares natural medicines by collaborating with the spirits of nature, the angels, the guides of the celestial hierarchies and the great scientists of the intraterrestrial civilizations.
Houses nestled in lush vegetation provide spiritual retreats for those who need them, carefully cultivated vegetable gardens, orchards and plantations of all kinds are scattered across peaceful, rolling landscapes, and a eucalyptus forest shelters a sanctuary where, for years, a silent vigil has been uninterrupted. Every two hours, day and night, one of the residents comes to meditate in this place, where one feels an intense spiritual energy that opens consciousness to the presence of the celestial hierarchies.
Numerous social activities are offered to the residents of the area: dispensary and free meals, harvest sharing, seed donations, support for the local hospital, etc.
One of the particularities of Figueira is a total freedom from money. Access is not forbidden to anyone for financial reasons since no payment is ever required. Everything is offered free of charge. There are simply trunks placed everywhere that invite donations to support Figueira. And, after more than twenty years of operation, the results are impressive: dozens of buildings, huge vegetable gardens, dozens of hectares of organic crops, dispensaries and therapy places, an animal shelter, places for meditation and prayer, a large conference and concert hall that houses nearly a thousand people, etc.

In conclusion, let us acknowledge that we can marvel at the wisdom of the Creator, who has given human beings the means to remain healthy at any age. Illnesses are not fatalities that we should undergo by resigning ourselves to suffering. They are opportunities to become aware of our mistakes and to rediscover the body’s powerful resources for healing.
We are at a crucial period in human history. We sometimes feel powerless to make a difference. It is difficult for us to have a direct impact on air, water and land pollution. Of course, we can become active in environmental organizations, sign petitions, write open letters to newspapers and politicians, speak out in local councils, or take any other action that is dictated by our desire not to leave society adrift in a sea of poisonous waste. But there is one area closer to our daily lives, where we can reconcile our personal interest with that of the planet as a whole: the way we manage our health.
By avoiding poisoning ourselves with harmful foods and using natural methods, such as amaroli, to stay healthy, we not only safeguard our well-being but also have a powerful impact on the major ecological and political issues of our time.
We cease to be complicit in the destruction of the planet, we are no longer docile slaves to the multinationals. We are doing all this without waging war, without waving a flag, without blaming those who are not like us. We understand that those who have not yet made the realizations that we have are not bad, they are simply still young, like immature little brothers.
Are we going to punish a baby for not knowing how to walk yet? Of course not! We understand and love him as he is, at his level of development. Are we going to accuse and condemn the president of a multinational because he can only see the profit of his company and not yet the collective interest? Neither is he. We will try, with love, to patiently educate him. We will do everything we can to help him broaden his vision. Will we call a meat-eater a murderer and say condescendingly: « I don’t kill anymore, I’m a vegetarian! « I’m not a vegetarian anymore! » Neither are we. Are we going to call fools those who swallow chemical remedies year-round without realizing that they are self-destructing? No, I’m not going to do that either! The time of religious wars and ideologies that clash and fight each other in bloodshed can stop.
A new kind of revolution is on the march, a revolution that no longer consists of chasing away those who sit on the throne of power in order to take their place to dominate others in our turn, a quiet revolution because it replaces the power games of the past with a new vision of the world in which we act together, all of us together, no matter what the situation.
It is no longer about winning « at any price », it is about learning to cooperate among different people, seeing our differences as complementary rather than as gaps that separate us and drive us to fight against each other.
We will focus on what unites us rather than what divides us, on what brings us together rather than what separates us, on what we can learn from each other rather than trying to level everything under the tutelage of the strongest.
In fact, the only obstacle that stands in the way of creating this new society is our own fear. Fear of the parts of us that we do not yet know, fear of others, fear of disease, fear of death and fear of change. Amaroli’s knowledge is one of the powerful ways to free ourselves from these fears that have darkened so many centuries of human history. Let us open our consciences in the light of humanity’s multimillennial wisdom and let us all together create a world of peace, sharing, health and love!

Title AMAROLI MAY WE DRINK OUR URINE?(January 2020)  AMAROLI-URINOTHERAPIE, pourrions-nous boire  notre urine ?

-GRATITUDE once again Tal and Thierry for this video. I have been practicing amaroli for more than 24 years, externally AND internally. I started when I was pregnant with my first child. At that time I had read several books on the subject in French and English. There are a lot of books in German… if I eat fish amaroli with a fishy taste. If I eat mangoes amaroli with an extraordinary mango taste + + + + . Fasting with amaroli is also great. THANK YOU…

-Thank you for this video. I have tested amaroli (burn, detox, vitality) and I can assure you that everything that is said is correct.

-Thank you for bringing this highly sensitive subject that scares almost everyone. At one point I was doing a 3, 4 days cure of papaya and the result was almost like papaya, i.e. delicious and free! I think I’ll get back to it after this great video! Thank you both so much.

-I testify to Amaroli on a physical and emotional or spiritual level: about 15 years ago for a week I recycled all my urine, I urinated, I drank constantly. I used to drink my urine before, but only once or twice a day. Result by practicing totally: I obtained an impressive intestinal cleansing… but also working in an office, when I was on the phone « drawing » out of habit, after three days of « total » recycling I was systematically drawing mandalas: starting a drawing I balanced it by redoing the same pattern in the four orientations. up-down right-left. I have a very important memory of centering… Tal Schaller’s books had guided me in this direction. thanks to Tal Schaller and Thierry

-The study of kidney function shows us a filtration system by releasing and then reabsorbing the compounds in the urine into the blood. Finally we all practice amaroli without knowing it, whether you want it or not. What is left in the urine is too much for our blood balance at the moment T. Putting these compounds back into circulation through the (voluntary) amaroli only makes them available again.

-I saw your video on the Amaroli on Thierry Casasnovas’ channel last Friday. I’m very happy to have discovered it this way.
When I drank it for the first time by a surge of my heart and body attracted by it while watching the video, I was emotionally touched and I started to cry by the recognition I had of myself in relation to my body and its purity, while removing the dogma that urine is dirty and bad, having shame of it. Pursuing the healing path of my heart and the incarnation of who I am, the urine allows me to see what my body shows me, testifying in a totally neutral, sincere and pure way to the deepest part of who I am, leading to the compassion of myself. Even if I am not my body, it has all the information of who I am. This is what I am becoming aware of and this awareness/information appeared to me within seconds of drinking it. I thank you for all the work you have done and your presence here to reveal a much greater and deeper truth from our origins.

-Hello Thierry and Tal… – I’ve been practicing Amaroli since I literally stumbled upon Tal’s book « Amaroli » (In 2014, I found the book in a pile of books left on the street in Montreuil) . When I started, I was totally omnivorous… As soon as I started Amaroli, I confirm Tal’s words, I immediately became a vegetarian, no longer having any attraction for meat products… there is another aspect that you could have developed in more detail, I want to talk about the Urea. Tal explains it very well in his book… Urea, when it passes through our digestive system, has a new function as a powerful detoxifier for the entire digestive system! Keep up the good work… Consciousness is opening at great speed and it is a joy to see it, especially through your words. Thierry, most of the experiences that you relate and share with us, especially on the fasts of all kinds, I realized them even before I met you on videos… Like what, what you say, I confirm it, it is only common sense… When I was in health, I used to ask people who came to listen to me, what was, according to them, our greatest wealth?… We quickly agreed that our greatest wealth was our health… I would tell them: « If health is our greatest wealth, why do we entrust it to complete strangers, just because they wear a white coat? Our health is so precious that it should be our first passion … What are we waiting for to take an interest in it? » Thank you to the Souls of Thierry and Tal, as well as all those around you, for this Magnificent Way into Consciousness through the rediscovery of ourselves Love.
-Excellent information, I practice amaroli also fasting, and using it with clay. I discovered both through the principle of serendipity and thanks to your remarkable capsules, that by combining these techniques, by associating them, in synergy, and according to an approach which certainly remains individualized, it is possible to obtain the equivalent of a true panacea, in existence. For the skeptics, I was initiated to these techniques of « survival » in the Pacific, during a navigation between the Hawaiian Islands and the Polynesian archipelagos. It was above all, to develop an expertise on the ancestral navigation techniques of the Polynesian people based on astronomy (etak method, star compass, constellations, sun…) and knowledge of natural elements (wind strength, currents, waves and observations of various parameters…). This precious knowledge allowed the migration of the Austronesians across this marvellous ocean that is the Pacific, and I can consider that they were exceptional navigators. Since then, I have been guiding myself on Earth and in the universe (astrophysicist) without ever feeling lost… Thierry and Tal your advice is remarkable, and you don’t behave like censors, like self-proclaimed guides. It is this multidisciplinary approach, without dogmatism, without constraints, which makes all its interest. You offer us a marvellous palette, which allows us to make life more polychrome. You enrich each of us, by letting us evolve according to our rhythm. It is therefore useful to highlight the amazing potentialities of our body, especially when it is a noble by-product of our body that is a marvel of evolution. So why go to the trouble of investing in osmosis fountains, when the body is an osmosis in itself? Thank you Thierry and Tal.
-My father-in-law 87 years old very sporty always traveling by bike and when I talk about traveling it’s 50 km. . eat raw … carrots . n never smoked … drink a glass from time to time …. he also drank his urine ….
-In the desert during the Algerian war ambushed my father. -Alone in the desert to survive… my father drank his urine…

URINA IS MIRACULAR L’URINE EST MIRACULEUSE by Yao ADAMO ( who presents ARTE’s film LES SUPER POWERS DE L’URINE, an exciting and very scientific documentary!

Translated with (free version) et Shivambhu Hut that you find on the site :  has many excellent informations on teh subject !

brother sage is doing a wonderful jo to promote urinetnerapy in all countries !

on youtube tal Schaller you will fiand a video AMAROLI in English by tal schaller